My new life

Since my teacher assistant work begin, let me feel more the sense of responsibility and professionalism of being a teacher, although this is the temporary job, but I tried my best to do everything seriously to complete.I also want to strengthen my ability of English .In addition, I want to especially thank my colleagues who taught me and guided me also the friends who give me a lot of help. In the next year, I will be more responsible and professional to finish my work.

自从我的助教工作开始之后,我更加关注成为一个老师的直觉,虽然对我来说这只是一个临时的工作,但我愿意尽我所能把一切都做到最好。去迎接每一个严峻的挑战,而我也愿意在段时间里加强我的英语。 另外,我还想要特产感谢我班上的老师们,她们引导我。还有就是我的朋友们,她们给我很多的帮助,无论是生活还是工作上。我也将会成为一个更加负责,更专业的老师,去完成我的工作。


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