You know it became an active and helpful class. Instead, sometimes when I didn’t get a full preparation, not only the students but also I couldn’t get into good situation, tired and sleepy. practice makes perfect. So we can see, a useful preparation is important for teaching, especially for English students  that Chinese is always feel difficult.

你知道这是一个积极和有益的课程。 相反,有时候,当我没有得到充分的准备,不仅是学生,而且我不能进入良好的情况,非常累了和困。但是熟能生巧。 所以我们可以看到,一个有用的准备是重要的教学,特别是对于美国学生总是感到困难的中文。


Don’t under too much press!

T   hese days I would be very nervous if I fail to make full preparation for the class, at least good enough in my view. And my textbook is underlined and marked here and there, which makes the other teacher who is in charge of the parellel class surprised. I know although I can manage to give a three-hour class after a fashion, I would have a sense of guilty… Anyway, I have to learn to balance and budge the time, and grasp what is the most important!

最 近如果我没有准备好备课即使哪怕只有一点,我会觉得非常沮丧.我应该尽量调整好自己,因为这在一开始是很正常的。我相信自己可以做得很好。

Help stop the bad behaviors.


I tried to promote the students writing abilities and I usually spend long time— I should say—-looking up in the dictionary and surfing on net for as much and complete information as They can, in order to enrich the class I also did a lot. But it appears that most of the time it is just for fun, and contributes little to the improvement, and even the motivation and enthusiasm,  of course we should stop them in a appropriate way.


The way to help teach


As far as I’m concerned according to my observations .

Students’ interest should be aroused. About this point, one is helping students get an Chinese name; one is talking about Chinese and Asia culture and telling stories as much as possible; another is helping some students make pen friends with students in Chinese. In these ways, students love Chinese better, love learning Chinese better, especially improve their Chinese including writing ability.


No pain,no gain


This week was very busy cause we had conference this week so we should prepare some material for helping my students of the grades.

Coming back to my work, I feel a little upset for I can’t deal with my emotion better. When some students break the class rule, I would be sad and the situation go on a long time that the lesson  can’t be wonderful, or I should say it is pretty bad. From now on, getting over it

becomes my emergency.这一周学校的工作是非常忙碌的,因为我们要召开家长会了。我们要准备很多的材料去帮助学生提高成绩。


A challenge, but I love it


This week was totally different cause I worked is a new place named North Junior High it was a fresh job for me .I’m pretty sure about that it was the very first time for me to work in a junior high school especially a public school.

teachers should master the ability of class organization in China because students’ response effects the result of teaching. Therefore, the teachers should use all kinds of methods to attract the attention of the students. Such as the content should be rich and interesting, but not too easy or not too difficult especially in America, and the procession should be natural. Thus the students can learn Chinese at a very natural situation. For a teacher in the future  I should be energetic every day.




About Teaching Reflection


Show my Chinese Teaching Reflection

After half terms’ English teaching assistant , here is a reflection on my Chinese teaching.

Firstly, it is very important for a teacher to get a full preparation for a lesson. There are two aspects: one is preparation for students, the other is preparation for teaching.

For example the title of the text is 感恩节 , it’s a little hard to go on this lesson . In order to have an interesting class, I made a teaching powerpoint including designation of the text. The most important points and the difficult points and a lot of funny pictures, the most important is organization of students. At the very first, the class was all interested in it, doing all the activities very carefully and excitingly.However,the students behaviors are depend on the teacher.