My new life

Since my teacher assistant work begin, let me feel more the sense of responsibility and professionalism of being a teacher, although this is the temporary job, but I tried my best to do everything seriously to complete.I also want to strengthen my ability of English .In addition, I want to especially thank my colleagues who taught me and guided me also the friends who give me a lot of help. In the next year, I will be more responsible and professional to finish my work.

自从我的助教工作开始之后,我更加关注成为一个老师的直觉,虽然对我来说这只是一个临时的工作,但我愿意尽我所能把一切都做到最好。去迎接每一个严峻的挑战,而我也愿意在段时间里加强我的英语。 另外,我还想要特产感谢我班上的老师们,她们引导我。还有就是我的朋友们,她们给我很多的帮助,无论是生活还是工作上。我也将会成为一个更加负责,更专业的老师,去完成我的工作。


My first 2 months in America Time flies, I have left home for almost 2 months. Acctually this is the first time for me to leave my hometown, there are a lot of things to adapt ,just like the weather, the food , the new friends. When I prepare to leave from China, I was very excited. I did’nt think about the difficuties in my new life, however, when I came here I need to prepare everything by myself, cooking,doing the dishes and making plan all by myself. It was really hard at first and I was really confused by everything because I can’t find out my value, I was always puzzled by trivial matters. I even didn’t have time to think about my jobs. During a not long time ,I think I grew up a lot. I am so proud of myself. I knew there is no secret to be successful, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learn from failure. At first, thses things made me feel worthless,but now , I think that made my life totally different. Now, I will tell you something about my jobs. In the first month, I took a lot of classes about teaching thoughts. How to be a good teacher. To be honest that is totally different in China , because in our country, students should adapt teachers step , if you can’t understand this questions. The things you should do is listening to the next one and give up this one, but in America, students are the main part for the whole class. We should adjust our speed according to the students. Our students are like a mirror, they will react our works, if I made sense, they will give me some reactions. Of course, this is the most successful moment during my work, so I found my value soon and believe I will be a good teacher in the future. I gradually found that there was no job is easy to achieve , no matter you chose to be an doctor, lawyer, a teacher or a programmer. There is no doubt that you need pay out your perspiration ,your inspiration and your love. That is the funny thing just like planting trees. We seeded them , watered them and looked forward spring’s coming. I can see my change and I also look forward my new life. 时光飞逝,已经离开加快两个月了,这是我第一次真正意义上的离开家乡,有很多事情需要我去适应,比如天气,食物和新朋友.当我要离开中国的时候我很激动,我甚至没有意识到会有这么多棘手的问题出现在我的心生活里,然而,当我来到这里,我需要自己准备一切的事情.做饭啦,洗碗啦,计划生活之类的.一开始这对我来说真的很难,我被琐事困扰,甚至找不到自己的价值. ,新的一切让我无暇顾及我的工作,但这样的生活其实只持续了不久,我觉得自己真正意义上的长大了. 我为自己感到骄傲,我知道成功是没有捷径的,我们只有付出努,耐心准备和从失败中吸取教训才有机会得到它.接下来我打算说说我的工作了,第一个月我上了很多关于教师思想规划的课程,关于如何成为一个好的老师.说实话在中国,学生必须要适应老师,如果这道题没懂,那我们就该放弃,去听下一道题目 ,但在美国,学生才是主导,我们要调整自己的速度去适应学生. 我们的学生就像是一面镜子,他们会反射我们工作情况,当他们给我们一些反馈的时候,就是我们工作中最幸福的时刻, 我逐渐开始发现没有什么工作是容易成功地,不管你当初是选择成为一名医生,律师,教师还是程序员,毫无疑问,你需要付出你的辛勤汗水你的灵感与热爱.这件事情的有趣之处就像种树,我们播种,浇水,然后期待春天的到来. 慢慢我发现自己的变化,而且我开始期待未来的生活.